August 27, 2010


A brother and sister from West Drayton ran their own business taking theory tests for candidates at an astronomical fee.

It is thought that the siblings arranged over 100 theory tests, charging up to £450 for somebody to impersonate the candidate at the test centre.

The pair appeared alongside 4 candidates who had paid for their services at Ipswich Crown Court. The brother and sister aged 35 and 33 were jailed for a total of 39 months between them and the candidates received community service.

Not only were all involved in committing fraud but the siblings were enabling individuals to obtain licences which act as an identity document. This could lead to further crimes such as benefit fraud, obtaining credit and debit cards and travelling freely.

Suffolk police once tipped off about Vishal Aggarwal and Vanita Aggarwal quickly took action, which resolved in them being arrested and bringing the case to a close.

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