April 15, 2014

Over 1000 Drivers Guilty of Offences in Two Weeks

More than 1000 drivers have been caught breaking the law whilst driving in just two weeks.

Each of these was guilty of either failing to wear a seat belt, or using a mobile phone whilst driving.

The figures have come as part of a crackdown carried out by Nottingham Police – however the results are far from inspiring.

Andy Charlton (Chief Inspector of Nottinghamshire Police) has said of the issue: “Sadly this isn’t a surprise – despite similar campaigns in 2012 and 2013 – it shows a significant number of people still regard their addiction to their phone as more important than the safety of others and themselves. Wearing a seatbelt was made compulsory over thirty years ago, there can be no excuse for not wearing one. Nor can there be for using a phone at the wheel.

The drivers that were found guilty of the driving offences were offered a choice between a driving awareness course, or three points on the license as well as a £100 fine. Those guilty of failing to wear a seat belt faced a similar punishment.

Britannia has recently reported on the most hated habits of drivers on UK roads… and it seems that these are more common than ever.

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