December 11, 2012

Our Car

We often forget how much we rely on our cars. But we do use them so much.

We pack the kids in the car, we throw our shipping in them, we run to our cars when we need to get to our parents for a Sunday roast, and we depend on them when we need to go and see our friends.

Yes, our cars really do get their usage. But how do you look after your car?

“What do you mean?” I hear you say. OK here goes, how often do you check the water and oil levels? Do you know when it’s due an MOT? Or what about your insurance, when does that run out? Have you got a mechanic you know and trust that you can go to when you face any problems? When was the last time you checked to make sure all of your lights are working properly?

These are all things that we need to think about when we have cars.

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