September 10, 2015

Wealthy Student Banned From Driving

A wealthy student who overtook in the inside lane of the M25 at 150mph has been banned from driving.

Police only caught Ali Kzar, 25, when traffic slowed down his £150,000 Ferrari. Kzar lives in a £1M apartment in Marylebone and attends Regents University, one of just two private universities in Britain, charging students £15,000 per year.

He admitted dangerous driving and Redhill magistrates gave him four months’ suspended jail. He was also disqualified from driving in the UK for two years and has been electronically tagged. He has a home curfew from 7pm until 7am for four months and was fined £165.

Prosecution said that Kzar didnt know how fast he was driving and when asked if his driving was dangerous said he had no opinion on that.

Kzar has no capital wealth of his own and is given a monthly allowance of £1,500 after rent by his family. He has posted pictures of himself on social media posing with expensive jewellery and smoking cigars.

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