November 29, 2010


Nissan car makers have introduced a new concept whereby technology combined with radar sensors will work alongside the driver in order to reduce accidents.

We already have parking sensors in order to help us get into those small spaces. They act like having somebody beside the car telling you when you are about to hit the kerb. Yet the new computer system offered by Nissan will exceed this.

The vehicle will be able to assess the car’s speed and produce information about the distance between the driver and the car in front.

It will also react to the driver’s movement, whereby if they lift their foot from the accelerator, the car will automatically begin to slow down. When the driver touches the accelerator again, the car will keep going.

Even more impressive is the sensors in the car which can gage the drivers alcohol levels. The gear stick will measure the alcohol in the driver’s sweat and will warn the driver that they are over the limit and should not drive.

Drink-driving and tiredness make up a large percentage or car accidents each year and Nissan are trying to find ways to combat this. They also plan to introduce a camera which will monitor the driver’s tiredness levels and will recognise if the car is drifting between lanes.

Emily Smith of Britannia Driving School said: “This all sounds pretty extraordinary and in hindsight it is a good idea, yet who would purchase such a car. It is thought that the average driver would find all these functions intrusive. Perhaps large commercial vehicles and taxi drivers would benefit from such technology, only time will tell.”

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