November 28, 2010


When you drive a car, it is important to be in proper control of the vehicle and this includes wearing the correct shoes.

Driving footwear should be comfortable and provide adequate ankle support but at the same time allow ankle flexibility.

It is often hard to get the correct thickness of the sole. Too thin or no shoes at all will reduce braking force, yet a thick sole may reduce the pedal pressure, it can often be hard to judge how much pressure you are applying.

Flip flops and other slip-on shoes are not a good idea as your foot may slip off the pedal. The same thing may happen even if you are wearing the correct shoes but they are slippery due to wet weather, so ensure you dry them before setting off.

Women leave the heels at home or at least swap them when you arrive at your destination. Wearing heels whilst driving is dangerous, the heel can become jammed and trapped under the pedal, this time delay could potentially cause an accident. Just as importantly you may break the heel and then you would have a ruined pair of shoes!

Emily Smith of Britannia Driving School said: “Keep a spare pair of shoes in the car, you don’t want to be caught out. Quick reactions whilst driving can be the different between life and death.”

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