September 7, 2009

Motorist Want Tightening of Pre Driving Test Rules

According to the research by motor insurer Direct Line, nine out of ten drivers are in favour of statutory on road experience, six out 10 (59 per cent) also wanted learner drivers to have compulsory driving lessons with an instructor.

AS well as tightening up pre-test rules, British drivers are also keen to put restrictions on novice drivers for a period after they have passed their driving test.

Although older respondents were more likely to be in favour of restrictions on young drivers, a large proportion of young drivers themselves are also in favour of restrictions.

The Government is planning to roll out a road safety pre – driver qualification that can be taught in schools. From October 2009 this qualification will count as a partial credit towards the theory test for car drivers. This measure has overwhelming support from drivers.

 Simon Bush of Britannia Driving School said: “Once the driving test has been passed additional post – test training should be encouraged by parents and the Government to form lifelong learning for young drivers”

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