May 10, 2010


More and more accidents are happening due to the misuse of signals.

Driving can be difficult enough at the best of times without other road users deliberately or accidently signalling when it is not safe to do so.

How many of you have flashed another driver to signal them to pull out of a road or to go ahead of you? I bet a lot of you have answered yes, but how many of you have taken responsibility for that vehicle and checked that it is safe to do so.

Many drivers will take your signalling as an instruction and the danger with this, is they act before checking it is safe to go.

Using signals not illustrated in the Highway Code can lead to very dangerous driving habits. It is not just cars and their drivers that can suffer its pedestrians also.

Most driving examiners will instantly fail somebody sitting on test if they wave or flash somebody regardless of the situation. Taking the test is not just about passing, but about learning safe skills for life.

It is possible that nobody will be affected by you giving way, that you get a thank you and it eases the traffic flow however, the same action could have dismal consequences. Could you live with yourself!?

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