May 11, 2010

Katie pays the Price for motoring offence

Former glamour model Katie Price is grabbing headlines for all the wrong reasons today after she was pulled over by police for allegedly being caught using a mobile phone while driving.

A Sunday newspaper was informed that Ms Price was nabbed by cops while driving her pink horse box along the A23 in Sussex earlier this year.

The vehicle weighs a whopping 7.5tonnes with one source claiming that “there wasn’t much trouble identifying the driver – the horsebox isn’t exactly subtle”.

Should she be found guilty of the alleged offence then the 31-year-old model, formerly known as Jordan, could face a fine of up to £2,500 and three penalty points on her licence.

The source also claimed that she has hired the services of celebrity lawyer Nick Freeman who has earned the nickname “Mr Loophole” for getting celebrity clients off the hook for motoring offences.

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