June 4, 2012


Arthur MacVean, 63, has been found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving after he hit 26 year old David Young back in June 2010.

Mr MacVean had been driving in a 30mph zone at speeds in excess of 65mph, when he lost control of his car and ploughed into a wall and collided with Mr Young. Mr Young died at the scene.

Mr MacVean has used various defences against the incident first stating there was a problem with his car.

“The engine seemed to be racing. The car had a mind of its own. I think the electronic throttle was jammed.”

However, mechanics who examined the car after the accident found no faults with the car.

Mr MacVean’s legal team then stated that he could be in the early stages of frontal lobe dementia however, a Crown expert refuted this; especially since he had never had a problem driving before and went on to buy another car only three weeks after the fatal accident.

Mr MacVean is awaiting his sentence which is scheduled to take place on June 27th.

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