March 22, 2010


It is not just illegal drugs that are causing carnage on the roads but legal ones to.

A campaign is in place to warn drivers of the serious side effects medicine can have whilst driving.

Some medicines can cause drowsiness, poor concentration, reduced visibility and impaired judgement amongst other things. Driving requires an individual to be alert and aware of not only themselves but others on the road.

Most individuals take medicine in order to treat or prevent illness, but how many of us read the labels and follow the instructions provided?

It is desirable to consult with your doctor before driving. There are plans to see warnings and patient information outlining the potential effects attached to medication.

Natasha Simper of Britannia Driving School said: “It is extremely important to be aware of the possible side effects, not just medicine can have but drugs and alcohol too. It is also important to have regular breaks if you are driving for a long period of time. Driving is a skill and this skill requires vigilance!”

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