March 19, 2010


It is reasonable to suggest that a crash helmet is a key safety feature for any cyclist, be it a motorbike or a push bike. However, recent research has shown that crash helmets could actually be very damaging to our health.

It is thought that the vibration and noise transmitted through the helmet when travelling at high speeds could cause hearing problems as well as our ability to concentrate, which is extremely important when riding a motorbike as it requires great attention to detail.

The noise at 70mph is higher than the legal limit for noise at work, which would suggest the danger it can have to a bikers hearing.

The research statistics and findings and the ongoing research is not meant to put individuals off riding or the idea of wearing a helmet but simply trying to identify the safest way to enjoy biking.

Despite these recent findings, it is still the law in most countries to wear a motorcycle helmet. The helmet is there to absorb energy and protect the rider from head injuries upon impact. It also protects the rider from any loose debris on the roads.

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