September 7, 2012


A 37 year old woman from Edinburgh has pleaded guilty to assault and failing to give way at junctions after she drove into Stuart Morris-22, leaving him clinging onto her car bonnet.

Suzanne Gilchrist had left a shopping centre when a security guard approached her regarding stolen goods. She said the guard had tried to open her car door and take her car keys, when she panicked and drove off at speed.

She drove into Mr Morris an incident by-stander, and drove off, swerving over the road trying to force him off. He sustained spinal bruising and bruising to his legs and fingers.

Rhona McLeod, defending, said: “She (Gilchrist) had thought that she was pregnant and was obviously suffering from some sort of hormonal imbalance, and was on such a knife-edge that she panicked.”

However, courts heard her car was used as a weapon and Mr Morris said: “She deserves the jail – no-one like that should be free.” Ms Gilchrist was jailed for four years and three months.

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