December 18, 2014

Legal Battle Over Smart Parking

Vanessa Price, the owner of a Smart car, was fined £50 for parking at a right angle to the kerb in an on-street parking bay. Although the ability of Smart cars, which are less than 9ft long, to fit into small spaces at right angles to the pavement is well known, and a unique selling point, the traffic warden insisted that the front of the car overlapped the white bay markings, leaving it illegally parked.

Mrs Price, from Stroud, Gloucestershire, finally had her ticket overturned last month after a year long battle. She won her battle at a parking penalty tribunal after the adjudicator said she had not breached any traffic regulation order by leaving her car as she did.

Price stated that she pursued the case not because of the money but because she believed it to be wrong. Legal costs were in excess of the £50 she had been fined.

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