June 26, 2009

Kettering officers out to tackle motoring offences

A team of eight officers will be out and about in Kettering town centre today as they tackle motorists who are committing offences. Any motorist who is found to be committing an offence will receive a Fixed Penalty Notice and/or points on their licence if appropriate.

They will be engaging with young people who are gathering in the town centre in an attempt to deter them from committing anti-social behaviour.

Sergeant Ash Tuckley, from the Kettering North Central Safer Community Team, said: “We have been told by local people that they are concerned about speeding, motorcycle nuisance and other motoring offences in the town centre and this day of action is just one way we are working to tackle it.

“We are taking a zero tolerance approach and anyone found to be committing an offence will be dealt with appropriately.”


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