June 30, 2009

Arguments Cause 1/3 of Minor Motoring Accidents

Arguments in the car contribute to thousands of minor motoring accidents each year.

A survey of 2,000 drivers found that ‘carguments’ caused 27% of minor bumps and scrapes in UK during 2008 and a further 3% of more serious motoring accidents.

The poll found the top five source of ‘carguments’ to be:
1. Getting lost
2. Backseat driver behaviour
3. Music choice/radio station
4. Relationship issues
5. Temperature/air conditioning

The highest number of ‘carguments’ occurred between married couples (84%), with those aged between 25 and 35 being the worst offenders. Elderly couples accounted for the least amount of rows with the over 65s involved in just 5%.

The highest prevalence of ‘carguments’ occurred in the city of Liverpool (14%), followed by Glasgow (11%), Nottingham (8%), Watford (6%) and Portsmouth (5%).

“Concentration is paramount while driving and what seems like a small disruption can have a big impact on a driver’s attention and cause an accident. We’d urge all passengers to be considerate and avoid unnecessary confrontation when in a vehicle.

“We would always advise drivers to pull over if they are being distracted and not to start driving again until safe to do so.”

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