December 7, 2017

Is it Safe/Legal to Decorate Your Car at Christmas?

This is the questions that many British motorists are asking this festive season! By all means, there is no harm in adding a little Christmas cheer to your vehicle – but within reason. For instance, no decorations should obscure the view of the driver, and any exterior modifications must not endanger the driver, any passengers or other road users.

By shining multi-coloured lights from the front and/or rear of your vehicle you run the risk of confusing or dazzling other road users, and being pulled over by the police for dangerous driving. Fairy lights are therefore not recommended for displaying in the car!

A front-mounted wreath or any decorations fixed to the bonnet or roof of your car could come unattached and pose a hazard if, heaven forbid, you are involved in an accident. Remember, a safe vehicle means a sensible driver.

A solar-powered Santa or Rudolph on your dashboard should certainly suffice without causing any unnecessary distraction or danger! If you’re unsure which festive decoration ideas are deemed safe and legal for displaying in your vehicle, do a little homework before you go driving!

Safe driving from Britannia!