May 1, 2015

Avoid Distracted Driving

Despite regular warnings, many drivers still continue to operate their vehicles in a distracted manner. Not only is this against the law, and could result in you having points added onto your license, it is also massively dangerous to both yourself and the passengers in your car, as well as other drivers on the roads and pedestrians around you.

Here at Britannia we offer some simple tips to avoid distracted driving:

– Refuel. We don’t mean your car – Keep yourself topped up with enough food and water to keep you going on your journey, and make sure you are plenty rested to avoid driving fatigue.

– Switch off. Keep your mobile in a safe place in the car where it will not distract your attention, but where it is easily accessible if needed (when you have pulled over in a safe place). Remember, just because you aren’t talking on the phone whilst driving doesn’t mean it isn’t distracting you.

– Stay perceptive. Remember the skills you learnt during your Hazard Perception training. Stay focused on the road and the conditions around you, and make sure you are able to react safely and in enough time to any sudden changes.

Safe driving from Britannia!

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