July 19, 2010


Dangerous or careless driving no matter whether the driver believes they are acting this way or not can have serious consequences and often involves fatalities.

Dangerous driving is where an individual falls FAR below the standard of a competent driver and can include:

Racing or travelling too fast, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, ignoring traffic signs or lights, undertaking dangerously, knowing the vehicle has dangerous faults, talking on a mobile phone or reading.

Careless driving is where an individual is driving carelessly and their standard of driving is below the minimum acceptable standard of a competent driver, this can include:

Driving too closely to other vehicles, driving through a red light whether it be by mistake or not, being distracted by the radio or another passenger, overtaking on the inside.

Inconsiderate driving can have just as serious consequences and can include:

Flashing lights inappropriately, misusing lanes, braking sharply or driving too slowly.

The penalties for these offences hold prison sentences of up to 14 years, unlimited fines and disqualification from driving for up to two years.

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