November 7, 2017

Is it Illegal to Drive with an Icy Windscreen?

There’s no doubt about the increasing cold at this time of year and a surprising amount of drivers are still tempted to drive off with a partially de-iced windscreen.

Many are guilty of navigating through a small visible area on their windscreen while the rest is still heavily coated with ice, just so they can make it to work on time. It is illegal to drive with a blocked windscreen in less than ideal weather conditions and doing so could result in a hefty fine and points on your licence.

It is essential to clear snow and ice from every window of your car before driving off, as per The Highway Code, but it should also be basic common sense to do so!

Rule 229 also dictates that drivers must demist and clear all mirrors and lights, ensure that their number plates are visible and remove any snow that might fall off their vehicle into the path of other drivers. Also be sure to check your planned route is clear of any delays and that no further snowfalls are predicted.

Safe driving from Britannia!