November 8, 2017

Insurance for Your Classic Car

If you are the proud owner of a classic car, it’s important that you take care of it with a Classic Car Insurance package, tailored to meet the requirements of you and your beloved vintage vehicle.

As you know, car insurance is in place to protect you and your vehicle against accidental damage, vandalism and theft. As some classic models are extremely rare and valuable, this can make them highly desirable and vulnerable. It’s therefore imperative to have the necessary coverage.

Classic cars might also be referred to as retro, vintage, collectible or antique cars. Unlike modern cars, they require a little extra care, usually because they aren’t equipped for the daily commute to and from work, or built for racking up the miles. Some classic cars may be for show purposes only, and never used on the road, while other owners might like to keep their classic car as a weekend treat, something to enjoy on a sunny relaxing day when the roads are a lot quieter.

The RAC can provide specialist insurance for such vehicles, providing that your classic motor is used as a second car only, was manufactured before 1990, and does not exceed 5,000 miles a year.

Safe driving from Britannia!