November 3, 2009

iPhone app: Haynes mobile car mechanic

Motoring publisher Haynes has a brand new iPhone app out, Haynes Car Tips, explaining just how to look after your wheels and keep them roadworthy. It’ll even remind you to pay your road tax! Read on to see what it’ll do for you.

You could be paying £20 for a printed Haynes manual, but if you download its Haynes Car Tips iPhone app instead, you can get all sorts of helpful advice loaded on to your handset, from the basics to switching out spark plugs or prepping your car for an MOT, and videos of experts walking you through are included so you can’t fail.

Haynes says it’ll be expanding the iPhone app over time with more tips and tricks, but if you’re a clueless fender bender, it’ll prove a lifesaver right now too. It’s up on the iPhone App Store to download now.

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