June 5, 2012

Insurance for Young Drivers

You put in hours of practice, you pass the test, you get the car and then you’re given the car insurance quote from hell. All young drivers experience this and there appears to be no evidence that this will change in the future. It is common knowledge that young drivers will pay higher insurance premiums due to the risk they are perceived to represent. They are considered high risk not simply because of their age, but also because they may be new or inexperienced drivers and are therefore more likely to have an accident. Indeed statistics (of which there are mountains) show that young drivers are more likely to have an accident than say older drivers. But it needn’t be all doom and gloom; there are things that you may do as a young driver to reduce your premiums! The best way of doing this is to choose a low risk model when deciding on what car to have. This will make you less of a risk to insurance underwriters and can take money off your premium. Failing that where you keep your care can sometimes be an issue as well as the purpose that you are to use the vehicle for. Alternatively you could be put on your parents insurance for a while before you apply for insurance for yourself. Although these things are not going to drastically reduce your premiums overnight they will go some way into reducing them to more manageable sums!

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