October 30, 2017

How to Deal With and Prevent Windscreen Damage

Restricted visibility through your windscreen is a common reason for your car to fail its MOT. This could be due to worn wipers, a dirty windscreen or no washer fluid – but cracks and chips caused by stones and road debris, extreme cold or structural weakness are a major cause.

A small crack of about 1cm in size might not seem like a big deal, however if in the driver’s line of vision it can easily obscure vision and distract you while driving. Furthermore, if you go over a road jump or pothole the small chip could dramatically increase to a much larger crack which becomes a bigger (and more expensive) problem to contend with.

Most cracks that are 4cm or smaller can be easily repaired. The area is cleaned and dried, then a clear resin is used to fill the gap. You might want to considering purchasing a DIY windscreen repair kit for under £20, however you need to be confident you can use the kit correctly as a botch job can result in making the damage worse. There are plenty windscreen repair services like Autoglass who can do the job for you while you wait.

To help keep your windscreen in best possible condition, make sure you always have working window washers and there is plenty of fluid in your washer tank. Also be sure that your wipers are in good condition and leave a clean surface.

Safe driving from Britannia!