October 31, 2017

‘Thousands’ Driving Without Crucial Diesel Filters

Thousands of drivers are breaking the law by using diesel cars without pollution filters, experts have told BBC 5 live Investigates.

The DVSA reports that just under 2000 cars have been caught since 2014 – but experts believe the number is much higher, claiming the current MOT test, which requires only a visual inspection, isn’t fit for purpose.

The DVSA plans to introduce new changes to improve the MOT test in 2018. All new diesel cars produced after 2009 have specially designed diesel particulate filters to help reduce pollution, but they can sometimes clog up and break down, costing a great deal to replace. It is illegal for people to drive a car with the filter taken out, however it isn’t illegal for garages to remove them.

5 live Investigates followed the progress of a car which had its filter removed through MOT tests at three different garages.

A spokesman for the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency said: “DVSA is making further changes to the MOT manual and to the diesel emissions limits for modern vehicles, in May 2018.
“These will make the test more robust and better able to detect where emissions control equipment has been tampered with.”

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