May 5, 2012

Hard-up motorists will pay up to 60% more for driving licences

Motorists in Northern Ireland have been dealt another financial blow after it emerged that the cost of driving licences will rise by up to 60%.
For people learning to drive the price of a provisional licence will be subject to a £12.50 hike (or 25%), going up from £50 to £62.50.
Renewing or repairing a licence will cost £30 instead of £20 (up 50%), while drivers applying for a licence after a disqualification will face higher increases of up to 60%.
Environment Minister Alex Attwood has announced the proposals to raise the fees at a time when drivers are struggling with record fuel bills.
Statistics from the AA last month revealed petrol and diesel cost more in Northern Ireland than in any other UK region.
University of Ulster retail analyst Donald McFetridge said the news will exacerbate the burden of owning, driving and licensing a vehicle here.
“These additional costs will add greatly to the already spiralling cost of living, particularly for younger motorists and for those who, in many parts of Northern Ireland, are heavily reliant on car usage due to geographical location,” said Mr McFetridge.
“Running a car these days is extremely expensive. Motor tax costs were increased at the last Budget with the result that a growing number of motorists are opting to tax their vehicles for only six months instead of 12, in spite of being able to save a small amount if they choose to tax their vehicle for the full 12 months.”

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