May 4, 2012


A DSA examiner from Lincoln has appeared in court to deny taking money and attempting to gain sexual favours in return for passing learner drivers on test.

Mr Cwierzona worked at the Barnet test centre as an examiner and has been accused of attempting to obtain money in exchange for passing pupils, yet he denies all charges.

Four defendants accused of corruption because they had agreed to pay or did pay Mr Cwierzona are also due to appear in court.

The monetary value offered to Mr Cwierzona was thought to be between £80 and £500 from the various learners.

Not only has this examiner defied the DSA and their rules and regulations for passing learners passed on their merit and performance on the day, but he is potentially endangering lives. If these learners felt they were competent enough to pass there would have been no need to pay the examiner.  If Mr Cwierzona had got away with this, we could have many drivers on the road who are not safe.

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