October 3, 2012


Fred England took to the Seafront in Great Yarmouth at just 18, transporting passengers on his horse-drawn carriage alongside his grandfather, parents and siblings.

25 years later Mr England still carries passengers but he now has a hurdle in the way. Great Yarmouth Borough Council told him that to renew his licence he now needs to pass his driving test.

The council said: “Several years ago the council introduced a pre-requisite that all new second class Hackney carriage drivers (landau drivers) would have to hold a car driver’s licence. However, it was agreed that any existing landau drivers be given ‘grandfather rights’ and would not be required to hold a car driver’s licence.”

“Following recent legal advice, it has come to light that it is a legal requirement for a Hackney carriage deriver to hold a car driver’s licence.”

Mr England is taking a petition signed by fellow drivers and members of the pupil to his hearing before the licensing committee.

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