October 4, 2012

2 Hands Are Better Than 1

“Use both hands on the steering wheel.” We say this comment a lot. We say it often. But, for some people it doesn’t stick. After a few safer turns they quickly revert back to old habits. That is, when they come to turn a corner, both hands will cross over. Or, sometimes drivers even try and use one hand!

Using both hands gives you much more control over the vehicle. People often think that they only need to use both hands when they are driving at a high speed, such as when you’re on the motorway or driving a long a dual carriageway . But that’s not the case. You always need to be in control of your vehicle. That means, whether you are driving slowly or not. Why? Remember, situations happen all the time and you can’t account for when they may happen, you need to prepared for them.

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