July 13, 2017

Getting Lost When Driving

There is absolutely no shame is winding up lost when on the road; it happens to us all at some point! The important thing to do is remain calm and pull over when possible. The pressure of having someone close behind you could result in you becoming even more lost, and frustrate other motorists who know where they’re going.

If you have access to a phone, don’t be embarrassed to call someone for help – but be sure that you have pulled over safely beforehand. It’s also a good idea to carry a map or book of maps in your vehicle for such situations. If you have a sat nav, give it time to acquire satellite connection and don’t attempt to reconfigure it while driving.

If there’s anyone around, pull over in a safe place and ask for directions! You’ll be glad you acted accordingly and so long as you remain calm and abide to road safety, you’ll soon be on your way again.

Safe driving from Britannia!