July 12, 2017

Driving In Stormy Conditions

Driving in stormy weather can potentially be very dangerous. Is your journey really necessary? Listen to the news and weather updates for travel advice before heading out. If there are any road closures or the police advice you to stay at home, you should think twice about driving off in a storm.

If the wind is particularly strong, it’s highly advisable to reduce your speed – not only will this give you more time to take action, it also enables you to brake more efficiently. If you’re driving in a wide-open area, your vehicle is more likely to be affected by strong winds, so try and stick to main roads and more built up areas. Reduce your speed and keep a lookout for road debris such as tree branches.

Heavy rain can increase the risk of aquaplaning – which is when you apply the brakes and your car carries on moving. Again, keep your speed to a minimum and be aware of excess surface water.

Safe driving from Britannia!