August 4, 2022

Fraudulent driver takes over 100 driving tests for others !

According to the Evening Standard a woman who sat the driving tests of 100 different people has been jailed. It is estimated she performed driving tests throughout England and Wales from cities such as Swansea and Birmingham. The Defendant was offering her services to Learners who experience difficulties with the English language.Indian-Origin Woman Jailed For Driving Test Fraud in United Kingdom - Indiaahead News

Detective chief inspector Steven Maloney stated that ‘safety on our roads has always been a priority and arresting those that flaunt the law ensures that we can keep unqualified drivers off the road.’ This highlights the danger in allowing others to drive without legitimately passing a practical driving tests, and portrays that the Defendant may be doing more harm then she initially realized

The Daily Mail reported that the Defendant pleaded guilty and was sentenced for 8-Months. Furthermore, drivers who secured their license fraudulently are also expected to have them revoked. The sentencing in this case portrays the seriousness of the act the Defendant performed and highlights that there is no tolerance for fraudulence when obtaining a driving license.

Charlie from Britannia suggests that it is important to go through the typical procedure to obtain a driving license as this is the most just and vital part of becoming a driver. It is significant to ensure that a driver can pass the standards set in a UK practical test to ensure a particular standard of driving is maintained throughout the UK’s roads. Even though, our practical tests are held to a high standard this serves a particular purpose in upholding the values mentioned prior. Here at Britannia none of our pupils will ever need someone else to sit their driving test, as we ensure all of our pupils are thoroughly prepared and test standard before taking their practical test.