August 12, 2022

Heatwave and driving

We are all currently experiencing the effects of the recent heatwave throughout the UK. With highs of 35 degrees and a longer duration than the prior heatwave. It is important to ensure drivers are as cool and hydrated as possible to ensure that any possibles dangers to drivers are mitigated. However, it is important to highlight that a few standard practices must be maintained even throughout this heatwave. For instance, the Express declares that drivers can receive on the spot £100 fines for improper footwear while driving or any other clothes that may restrict driving ability. This is important to bear in mind when deciding the outfit to wear before driving.How to stay safe while driving in the hot weather as temperatures soar -

Rod Dennis from the RAC suggests that it is important to ‘check the engine coolant and oil levels and to ensure the car is kept in optimum conditions.’ This highlights the importance of looking after you car during a heatwave, a possible overheating car can cause multiple implications which result in a danger for all drivers on the road. If you possibly suspect your car may be overheating ensure you pull over at the next possible place to stop and thoroughly check your vehicle.

Charlie from Britannia suggests a few ways for drivers to cope during this heatwave. He states ‘ it is important to ensure all drivers are hydrated and have eaten enough throughout the day to ensure energy levels are maintained and provide a safer roads for all the users.’ And he also states ‘ if a driver feels unwell it is not worth risking and they should not attempt to drive throughout this weather.’ This highlights the importance in ensuring that all measures are taken to provide safer roads throughout the heatwave we are all experiencing.