June 28, 2010


One author has suggested that by flying a St Georges flag from your car you are identifying yourself as worth avoiding on the roads. He even goes as far as to say that the number of flags indicates the degree of driver stupidity and that four flags is the icing on the cake and denotes a complete moron.

Outrageous you might say.

Flying a flag or the type of clothes a person is wearing does not determine their driving ability.

What about families that share a car, it may be a family member who has put the flag up.

There are many ADI’s that are proud of their country and decide to fly a flag, are these individuals’ bad drivers?

The author suggests that we often stereotype drivers, such as the elderly and that we are wrong to do this as statistically they are safer drivers. However, the author is condescending writing this article when there is no research or proof to suggest that flag flyers are bad drivers.

Natasha Simper of Britannia Driving School said: “The flag does not in my opinion denote the drivers driving skills however, you must fly them in a sensible manner. The flags cost so little that they can easily snap of when driving on the motorway, which not only litters the streets but could also cause damage to other vehicles or even worse fly off and restrict a motorcyclist’s view. So secure your flags and be proud of your country.”

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