October 18, 2010


Sixteen year old Justin Bieber failed his theory test the first time round, almost reducing him to tears. With a brand new Range Rover brought for him by his mentor Usher, no wonder it nearly reduced him to tears.

Beyonce Knowles obtained her full driving licence at the age of 28. Her husband gave her driving lessons running up to the test, which clearly paid off. Not all new drivers are the typical age of 17, many drivers start learning later in life. Research has shown that the best age to pass is 25, as they are thought to have low accident rates and lower conviction rates.

Welsh Singer Tom Jones had to re-take his driving test in order to keep hold of his Californian licence, as he is now 70 years old. Despite driving for 25 years and reading up on the Highway Code, it must still be very daunting re-sitting your driving exam.

Not all stars want a driving licence, Kate Beckinsale doesn’t want to learn how to drive saying she much prefers to be a passenger.

Emily Smith of Britannia Driving School said: “Learning to drive is a different experience for everybody, with some passing first time, some learning at 17 and others at 30 and others taking their test so long ago that they were not required to take a theory test. Even if you are famous, you have to follow the same process and contend with the same emotions as everyone else when trying to get your licence.”

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