October 15, 2010


The proposed closure of the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) Cardiff office will have a huge impact on not only the staff but examiners across the country and pupils too.

The public sector union – Paul William’s thoughts are that the closure would have a devastating effect on so many people. It would ultimately increase driving examiners workloads when they are already stressed and under pressure to keep waiting times down to a minimum.

There are concerns that examiners would be asked to effectively work from home and collect candidates from their home address. This would make them extremely vulnerable and make their job extremely difficult.

Thoughts also lie with the 80 people that work at the Cardiff office that would lose their job. They have an important role booking all tests for Welsh speakers and organising the deployment of examiners across the country.

A full internal consultation will be carried out before the final decision is made.

Emily Smith of Britannia Driving School said: “With economic times as they are, job losses are inevitable with companies making cut backs. However, this would have a detrimental effect on all learners, with waits of up to three months for a test date at present, removing a key part in the DSA process could increase the waiting time even more.”

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