June 23, 2014

Fall in Theory Test Prices

The cost of the Driving Theory Test is set to fall this October, with the price due to be slashed from the current cost of £32 to just £25 – with plans to reduce the price by a further £2 one year later.

After negotiations were held between the DVLA and the Theory Test providers, the agency was pleased to announce that learner drivers would be the ones to feel the benefits of the cut in the cost.

Theory tests for vehicles other than cars will also fall – with trainees for lorry’s, buses, and trainee Driving Instructors to reap the rewards of cheaper theory tests.

However the government has been keen to point out that the drop in price would not result in a compromise of the quality of the Theory test, reassuring learner drivers that the content of the test would not change.

They have also made a point to let all learner drivers know that the price of the Practical Driving Test is set to remain the same, until further notice.

What are your thoughts on this article? Are you looking forward to a cheaper theory test?

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