June 24, 2014

Driving Test Worries

Many learner drivers may be worrying about their driving test – indeed, many do say that the driving test is one of the most nerve-racking experiences of one’s life, and this additional pressure can significantly exacerbate the already stressful process of learning to drive.

Here are our top tips for handling Driving Test Worries:

– Take your test when your instructor says that you are ready. Your instructor is a professional, and will very likely be able to recognise the differences between a novice driver and someone who is ready to pass their test. Also, they have nothing to gain by you taking your test prematurely, so trust their judgement when they say you are ready, and take this as a boost of confidence.

– Take your Theory earlier rather than later. Learning the Theory is a vital part of learning to drive, and so by brushing up on your theory well in advance of your Practical test, you are giving yourself an additional advantage when it comes to applying this knowledge in the hands-on driving world. Also, your theory lasts for 2 years, so it is not likely to expire before you take your driving test for the first time.

– Tell your instructor what you want to do. Whilst it is good advice to trust an instructor’s judgement, you can by all means request different activities in your driving lesson (you are paying for them, after all!) If you feel like a certain manoeuvre needs more practice, rather than simply reiterating your general driving, let your instructor know that you want to practice this more.

– Finally, relax! If you or your instructor think you are good enough to pass your test, there is probably a good reason for that. Stay calm, so that you are in the same state of mind as you would be on one of your lessons, and everything should go smoothly.

Do you have any more tips for learner drivers when it comes to taking their driving test?

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Good luck from Britannia!

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