September 30, 2010

Electric MINI Scooter revealed

Set to appear at next week’s Paris Motor Show, the MINI Scooter E Concept arrives exactly 10 years after BMW unveiled its vision of a modern day MINI.

Designed by Adrian van Hooydonk of BMW, the Scooter E Concept comes in three interpretations, the first of which, inspired by the fashion of the 1960s, was launched at an exclusive London party last night.

The two-seater scooter features design details from the swinging Sixties, including a Union Jack, visible through the perforated leather of the seat, a circular instrument cluster and chrome trim.

Another two-seater scooter, borrowing design elements from MINI’s E hatchback prototype, will be shown at next week’s Paris Motor Show along with a single-seater “sporty” version finished in British Racing Green.

All Scooter Es are designed for what MINI calls the “young urban generation” and use a smart phone as the ignition key, so as to provide satnav, communication and entertainment in one hit, while also indicating where other members of the MINI Scooter community are riding, no doubt satisfying said “young urban generation’s” social networking needs.

An electric motor powers the rear wheel, and gets its energy from a compact lithium-ion battery. This is turn can be hooked up to any conventional power outlet.

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