September 29, 2010


Currently the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) publish all test routes for each test centre on their website however, they will no longer be doing this.

As we know the 4th October will see changes to the practical driving test, in which they will try to make it more representative of real-life driving. Drivers will be expected to make decisions for themselves without the prompt or help of the examiner, something they will have to do once they pass.

Previously instructors would be able to take learners around the test routes in preparation for their test, familiarising them with every roundabout and junction. This may relax the pupil and give them the confidence in which to pass, but that is not the role of a driving instructor, it is to teach somebody to be a safe and competent driver who can drive independently.

So when the new test routes are introduced on the 4th, instructors and pupils will no longer be able to access the routes online.

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