March 26, 2010


Cars can be expensive to run if you don’t know how to use them properly. There are a number of easy to apply rules when driving to help save not only your pennies but the environment too.

The simplest one of them all is do you need to drive or can you walk? When you pop to the corner shop or drop the kids to school, do you really need to drive or could you walk the short distance. Not only will your car pollute the planet but driving short distances can contribute to the general wear and tear of the car.

For most of us keeping the car clean can take time and money to achieve. However, it improves the cars efficiency. Any extra weight in the boot or under the seats, even dirt on the outside of the car will increase the cars fuel consumption costing you more in the long run.

A healthy car = saving money. By spending a little money on having the car serviced regularly, you could potentially save a fortune when a big problem evolves.

By choosing when to have the air conditioning on could save you pounds when filling the tank. By leaving it on for long periods of time it can lead to expensive bills however, by blasting the air con for short periods of time on a regular basis (even in the winter) will make sure its kept in good working order. Leaving the windows and the sunroof open can also increase consumption, so when you don’t need them open, wind them up!

Making sure you are aware of your surroundings and other road users can also save you money. By driving smoothly without changing speed greatly or braking harshly could not only prevent accidents but will have a noticeable effect on your wallet.

Planning your route and listening to traffic news can also help save you money and fuel. But just as importantly it will also save you stressing out. If you see the traffic is not moving, switch of your engine and wait for the queue to move. You could even try planning your route to include picking up colleagues on the way to work and splitting the cost and responsibility.

Tyres are the only part of the car that comes in contact with the road surface therefore its essential that they are in proper working condition. Not only is it important to check the tyre pressure for safety reasons but also as the correct air pressure will reduce fuel consumption and will allow the car to steer properly.

Make sure when you choose a car that you shop around and consider other factors other than just the model and colour. Make sure you shop around for the best deal on insurance and don’t just use the first garage you find, make sure you find a bargain. By spending a little of your time doing research you could save a LOT of money.

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