March 29, 2010


The law at present allows an average built man to drink approximately 2 pints of beer and a woman a large glass of wine without exceeding the drink drive limit. The new proposed law will be half that making the legal limit 80mg of alcohol per 50mg of blood.

The tougher laws are thought to help reduce accidents and serious injury. It is not only the driver who puts themselves at risk when drink driving, but other road users and pedestrians as well.

This new limit could see the economy saving millions of pounds yearly in healthcare costs. However, some pubs especially country pubs could see their business drastically reduce.

While the new law could see more drivers being caught under the influence of alcohol, those who are over the new legal limit but below the old one will receive watered down penalties. Those who exceed the old limit will continue to face a 12 month ban.

Natasha Simper of Britannia Driving School said: “The new rules cannot be implemented until after the elections. However, once in place drivers should be aware that even one alcoholic drink could mean being pulled over by the police.”

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