July 22, 2013

Driving with Sun-Strike

Whilst driving in the sun might seem all fun, it comes with is inherent dangers too. Problems such as your car overheating can be annoying; however the most prevalent threat comes in the form of the dreaded sun strike.

The glare from the sun is caused when the sun’s rays hit your windscreen at a low angle, causing a blinding light across the front of the vehicle. However this is more than just a nuisance – due to its nature of obscuring the vision of drivers, it can become a highly dangerous situation to be in when behind the wheel. Here are some top tips to avoid sun-strike when driving:

– Use your sun visor – This often overlooked tool, when utilised properly, really does help to block out excess light. Use it to shield yourself from dangerous glare, and continue driving safely.

– Ensure your windscreen is clean – smudges, smears and other blemishes across the windscreen can exacerbate the already dangerous glare – clean your windscreen at least once a week to reduce the risk of obscured vision behind the wheel.

– If you are driving around roads you know well, you will be familiar with the areas where sun-strike occurs most. Try to avoid these if the sun seems a bit harsh today, take a different route or prepare yourself for being momentarily short-sighted.

– Keep the dashboard clear – Reflections of bits of paper, old receipts and parking tickets will obscure your vision even more, an unnecessary handicap. Don’t increase your chances of driving headfirst into disaster.

– Finally, drive safely – Whilst driving safely is always recommended, it is especially important with sun-strike. Kill your speed, and maximise the distance between yourself and the car in front. In the event of having to break sharply, you will be glad you allowed yourself more stopping distance.

Take it easy out there drivers – the sun is great while it is here, but it make sure you always drive safely.

Safe Summer Driving from Britannia!

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