July 22, 2013

Black Boxes Save Young Drivers Money

Purchasing telematics insurance will save youngsters an average of 12% on their premiums, according to research by MoneySupermarket.com.

The comparison site looked at nearly 17m insurance quotes and saw that nearly a third of 17-19 year olds were being offered the choice of a Black Box, which would save an average of £201 on a standard policy.

Peter Harrison, car insurance expert at Money Supermarket, said: “Although having your driving monitored may appear a little “big brother” for some drivers, the financial benefits of using this technology is a no-brainer.”

“Having a black box fitted to the car to monitor driving behaviour not only provides an insurer with greater knowledge of the driver, but it can also influence driving habits as a user is more aware that the way they drive is being monitored.”

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