January 20, 2015

Driving When It Snows

With the threat of heavy snowfall looming over us over the coming days and weeks, it will do us good to be prepared. Here are our top tips for snowtime driving:

– Avoid driving at night when it is snowing. The temperature at night is at it’s lowest, and combined with the fact that there are less cars on the roads, this makes the night time driving much more dangerous than driving in the day.

– Avoid long journeys. As we all have to drive slower when it is snowing for our won safety, a long journey will become much longer, and therefore more exhausting on both you and your car, exacerbating the risk of an accident.

– Allow more journey time. As a general rule, allow an extra 50% time on your commute and small journeys. With drivers attempting to avoid smaller and icier roads, the main roads can become congested with traffic, adding time onto your journey.

Safe driving from Britannia!

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