March 11, 2014

Driving at Night

Most learner drivers will opt to have their lessons in broad daylight, and consequently find themselves struggling to adapt when the necessity comes to drive in the darker hours.

Many drivers will admit that this is a different ball-game altogether, but how do you ensure that you stay safe behind the wheel at night?

– Never drive when tired. It is human nature to want to sleep at night, and so therefore you are likely to be more tired at the end of the day. However if you can help it, delay your journey until you have had some well-deserved sleep.

– Take all necessary precautions. This includes the same cockpit drill you would take in the daytime, as you are in as much danger on the roads at night as you are in the day.

– Stick to the speed limit. While this should go without saying, it is even more important in night time, when your vision will be impaired by your less illuminated surroundings.

– Keep your lights on at all times. Even if it seems like it is not helping you to see any better, the chances are that it is helping other drivers to see you, which is just as vital.

If you have to take a drive at night time for any reason, as always, drive safely!

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