February 8, 2016

Driving When Ill

Driving can be a great pleasure at some times – Driving in summer for example, with the roof down in the sunshine is a hard feeling to beat. At other times however, it isn’t quite so enjoyable. Stuck in traffic, or the morning commute spring to mind for anyone?

One of the worst times to be behind the wheel is when you’re not feeling at your best. At this time of year more so than any other, drivers across the country are taking to the roads when plagued with terrible colds and flu-like symptoms. This can cause you to lose concentration or become distracted when driving, or even become drowsy on medicine, which poses obvious dangers not only to yourself, but to others around you too.

If you’re under the weather, why not take a day or too off from driving instead. We’re sure being involved in a car accident isn’t likely to make you feel any better.

Safe driving from Britannia!