February 5, 2016

Driving Test Defeat

So the big day has finally arrived – You’ve passed your theory test, had more than your fair share of professional driving lessons as well as putting the hours of private practise in, and you’re finally confident to show the examiner just how good a driver you are, earn your pink license and become a fully-fledged driver in your own right, free of L-Plates forever!

Or, maybe not.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t pass our test on the first time. Sadly, this can be disappointing for many candidates, often leading to frustration and in some cases a lack of confidence in their own driving ability. But it is important to make sure not to let this set you back – Failing the test is only the first step on the way to success, and in many ways the hardest part is done – Getting over the fear of the test is the biggest step on your way to becoming a passed driver!

Safe driving from Britannia!