June 2, 2015

Private Driving Practice

When learning to drive, one of the main things people discuss is the topic of driving instructors – How to choose the right instructor, how many lessons to have, when to book the Theory and Practical Tests – But one point many often overlook is the subject of learning to drive with private practice.

Even  professional bodies such as the DVLA highly recommend supplementing your professional driving lessons with some private lessons, as this helps to get the best of both worlds in your experience of learning to drive. But there are some thing to look out for:

Firstly always make sure that your private practice is legal – You can’t just jump into a friend or family members car and start driving! You need to have correct learner insurance on any vehicle before being allowed to drive it, and you will also need to sit with another driver in the passenger seat who is 21 or older with a minimum of 3 years driving experience.

Safe driving from Britannia!