July 16, 2014

Driving Licence Records Go Online

By autumn 2014, insurers will be able to access DVLA records online due to a MyLicence initiative as part of a government pledge to transfer services online. This will lead to cheaper insurance. At the moment, insurers cannot check licence records when selling policies which leads to insurers adding in risk facts such as mistakes or lies made by drivers. This often results in premiums being slightly higher.

Once the MyLicence initiative is in place, license numbers will be used by insurers to access the necessary driving records to process their car insurance cost. An automatic check will be made to the DVLA database, giving insurers access to information such as driving points, entitlement to drive, speeding endorsements and the type of licence held.

The advantages of this system is that most customers would be able to save money on their insurance and less questions will need to be asked of them when obtaining a quote. In addition, the likelihood of mistakes being made during application will be severely reduced.

The paper counterpart to the driving licence is also turning digital and is set to be phased out by the end of 2015. The tax disc is also set to be abolished as part of this new move.

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